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Privacy Policy

Regal Care Products LTD  

1. Introduction

Regal  Care Products LTD is committed to safeguarding your privacy and to  processing your personal data in a transparent, secure and legal manner. This Privacy Policy, which addresses everyone who in any way cooperates  or is in contact with us, lays out how we process your personal data at  Vitamin Well and what your rights are as a data subject.

Unless  stated otherwise, Regal Care Products LTD is the controller that  determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data. 

Regal  Care Products LTD has also, on a voluntary basis, appointed a Data  Protection Officer (“DPO”) to ensure data protection. If you have any  questions about how we process your personal data or to enforce any of  your rights as described further down, please contact us

2. What is personal data?

Personal  data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable  natural person (‘data subject’). It can thus be any type of data that  allows for identifying a person. Examples include names, email addresses  or phone numbers if they can be associated to a certain living physical  person, but also e.g. a photo in which the person can be recognised.

3. What does “processing” personal data mean?

The  term “processing” covers all sorts of operations that are performed on  personal data. The definition is very wide and includes all forms of  handling data, from collection, recording, storage and adaptation to  use, dissemination and even erasure of personal data.

4. What personal data do we process, for what purposes and on what legal bases?

4.1 We process personal data to be able to fulfil or enter into an agreement with you

If  you have concluded an agreement with us regarding the sponsorship of an  event, manufacturing of products or other professional collaboration,  you have provided us with personal data such as your contact details  (e.g. name, address, phone number, position and employer). We use such  data to be able to fulfil our agreement with you.

If  you are an ambassador for our company, you have provided us with  personal data such as contact details (e.g. name, address, phone  number), name on social media, clothing size and potential photos. We  process this data to be able to fulfil our agreement with you, e.g. by  sending products to you, or to cooperate on participation or  organisation of events and other types of marketing.

If  you have agreed to our terms and conditions for participating in an  event organised by us, you have provided us with personal data such as  contact details (e.g name, address and phone number) as well as  potentially important health information (e.g allergies). We require  this data in order to organise and safely carry out the event. Since we  take photos and films during our events for future marketing purposes we  may also collect, edit and on social media disseminate photos and films  on which you are visible and may be identified.

If  you have applied for a job at, Regal Care Products LTD you have  provided us with personal data such as your contact details (e.g. name,  address and phone number) and possible other personal information (e.g.  photos, family relations) in your application. We use this information  to evaluate your application and suitability for employment, i.e. in  order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract.

The  legal basis for our processing of this personal data relating to you is  that the processing is necessary to enter into or fulfil a contract  with you. This may mean that we need to terminate the agreement if you  ask that we erase data or otherwise limit our processing of your data.

4.2 We process personal data based on our legitimate interest

If  you have expressed an interest in or signed up for news updates from us  on certain topics (comagmin), you have provided us with personal data  such as your name and email address. We use this information to be able  to send targeted and relevant news and press releases to you.

If  you have registered for or submitted a contribution to a contest that  we organise, you have provided us with personal data such as your name,  address, phone number, email address, name on social media and/or a  contribution (e.g. a photo or film) on which you can be identified. We  use this information to be able to evaluate your contribution, appoint a  winner and award a prize. Where the prize is a trip, we may also  process data such as your passport number and important health  information (e.g. allergies) which we for safety reasons need to know of  as organisers of the trip.

If you  collaborate with us as an ambassador for us or are a potential  ambassador, you may have provided us with personal data such as your  contact details (e.g. name, address and phone number, email address,  name on social media, clothing size and photos) on social media and via  email, in order for us to be able to send you products and for us to  cooperate on participation at events and other forms of marketing. We  may also have compiled some of such data or public data on you if you  are a potential ambassador for us, in order to be able to initate such a  collaboration or enter into an ambassador agreement with you.

If  you have signed up for an event that we organise, you have provided us  with personal data such as your contact details (e.g. name, address,  phone number and email address) and possibly also some health  information (e.g. allergies) which we for safety reasons need to know of  and may have to inform medical staff about. As it is the nature of such  events to take photos and films during the events for future marketing  purposes, we may also collect, edit and disseminate photos and films on  which you can be identified.

If you  have contacted us with questions or complaints on our products, you have  provided us with personal data such as contact details (e.g. name,  address, email address and phone number) as well as possible additional  information (e.g. product-related health issues). We use this  information to be able to answer questions, investigate product issues,  trace or report health risks, pay compensation and prevent  fraud/cheating e.g. through repeated unfounded complaints with  compensation claims.

If you visit  our homepage and accept our cookies, you have agreed to our collection  of potential personal data in the form of online behaviour (e.g. your IP  address, click history, previously visited websites, etc.) as described  in our Cookie Policy. We analyse this information on an aggregaged and  pseudonymised level for statistical purposes, optimisation of our  homepage to market our products and trademarks by analysing what parts  of our homepages are most often visited.

If you otherwise choose to get in touch with us, at our general invitation or on your own initiative,  of our general email addresses with ideas on new tastes, products or  campaigns, you provide us with personal data that we use to be able to  reply and evaluate the content of your email.

We  process this personal data based on our assessment that it is necessary  for the purposes of our legitimate interest to market our products and  trademarks and remain competitive on the market. We assess that our  legitimate interest in this case is not overridden by your interest or  fundamental rights and freedoms that require protection of personal  data, as you have yourself or even on your initiative provided us with  your personal data and we process the data for purposes that should be  in line with your expectations.

4.3 Legal requirements, public interest and consent

We  may process your personal data to be able to fulfil our legal  requirements (e.g. obligations to keep records) and at the instruction  from public authorities. We may also be legally required or compelled by  public interest to process personal data relating to product issues in  order to trace and monitor potential health risks.

In  addition, we may process your personal data based on your consent. We  will in that case obtain your consent for a specific purpose and ensure  that it is freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. You have  the right to withdraw your consent at any time and are in that case  welcome to contact our Data Protection Officer.

5. Who are the recipients of the personal data?

Those  who will have access to your personal data are authorised staff within  Regal Care Products LTD who need to have access to the data to perform  their work tasks. For instance, our product and customer managers will  have access to incoming questions and complaints on our products.  Personal data may also be processed by both in-house and external IT  experts and other service providers, as necessary for the conduct of the  business.

Regal Care Products LTD   has concluded data processing agreements with service providers who  through their services gain access to or process personal data for our  purposes and at our instructions. Through the agreements, we ensure that  our suppliers, e.g. of our digital sales support system, process the  data in the same legal and secure way as us.

Regal  Care Products LTD United Kingdom, has strict EU data protection laws in  all our companies and your data will primarily be processed within the  European Union (the “EU”) or European Economic Area (the “EEA”). We may  also need to transfer personal data to third parties, such as service  providers and advisors, that are based outside the EU/EEA. Such  transfers will be performed subject to appropriate safeguards required  by applicable data protection laws, such as through data processing  agreements.

6. Regal Care Products LTD process sensitive personal data?

Regal  Care Products LTD rarely processes sensitive information (e.g. racial  or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or sexual  orientation). In some cases, however, we are required to collect and use  health information for safety reasons, such as information on allergies  or other conditions that we need to know of when organising trips and  training events.

7. For how long is the personal data retained?

7.1 When we process personal data is based on an agreement

We  will retain your personal data during the term of the agreement and  erase it when the agreement is terminated. However, the exceptions below  apply:

If we are legally required  to retain or disclose any of your personal data after termination of the  agreement, such as employment information, we will retain the data for  as long and to the extent required under law or as instructed by a  public authority.

Photos or films  from events that we have organised will not automatically be erased  after the event has been held, but may also be used for marketing  purposes going forward. The material will be erased when it is no longer  relevant for these purposes. Sensitive data such as information on  allergies or other health information will, however, always be erased as  soon as the event is completed.

If  you have applied for a job at Regal Care Products LTD , we will retain  your personal data for six months from the date of your application if  it was a spontaneous application. We keep the application for the  purpose of being able to contact you if a suitable position should come  up.

If you have unsuccessfully  applied for a certain position with us, we will erase your application  upon notifying you that we will not offer you the position, unless both  parties specifically agree otherwise.

7.2 When we process personal data based on our legitimate interest

News  updates: We will retain your personal data for the duration of the  period during which you yourself choose to sign up for or indicate your  interest in our news updates. You may at any time cancel our news  updates.

Contests: We will retain  your personal data until the contest in question is completed, usually  when the prize has been awarded. When the prize is a trip, we will erase  the data upon completion of the trip.

Collaborations/ambassadors:  We will retain your personal data in the form of contact details for  the duration of our informal collaboration or for as long as your  personal profile remains in line with our company and products profile.

Events:  We will retain your personal data in the form of contact details until  the event is completed. Photos and films from the event will, however,  not automatically be erased after completion of the event, but may also  be used for marketing purposes going forward. The material will be  erased when it is no longer relevant for these purposes.

Product  questions and complaints: We will process the personal data you have  provided in your email to us with for a period of two years from the  date of sending the email. We keep the information for the purpose of  being able to perform statistical analyses on questions and complaints,  to investigate, trace and report potential health risks or product  issues, to monitor and improve our customer service, to pay compensation  and to prevent fraud through e.g. repeated unfounded complaints with  compensation claims.

Website  visitors: We will process your personal data in the form of online  behaviour collected through cookies as long as you continue to agree to  these cookies on our websites.

Ideas  etc.: We process the personal data that you may spontaneously provide  us with ideas on e.g. new tastes, products and campaigns for as long as  they are relevant for us.

Sensitive  data such as health data will always be deleted as soon as the purpose  for which it was collected is no longer applicable, i.e. after the event  or trip organised by us has been completed.

When  consent is the legal basis for our processing, we will erase the data  as soon as you withdraw the consent. Please note that the right to  withdraw your consent is not retroactive.

8. What are your rights as a data subject?

You have several rights that you may invoke as a data subject.

For  one, you have a right to know what personal data we hold about you. You  may also request that we rectify inaccurate data on you and that we  erase certain data or information that is no longer necessary for the  purposes for which it was collected. You always have the right to lodge a  complaint with the Data Inspection Board.

Further,  you may ask us to restrict our processing of your personal data. Please  note that such a request may mean that we can no longer fulfil our  potential obligations towards you.

If  our processing of your data is based on your consent, you may at any  time withdraw your consent. In that case, or if we have concluded an  agreement with you, you may also receive a copy of the personal data  that you have provided us with in a digital format. If we process your  data based on our legitimate interest, you may at any time object to our  processing.

If you have any questions or to invoke any of your rights, please contact our DPO

9. Other

This  Privacy Policy will regularly be updated to align with our business  operations and to comply with applicable law, i.e. English law including  the requirements in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU  Regulation no. 2016/679). This version was last updated on 7 August  2018.